Ventuz demos Cinema 4D integration at FMX

Software developer Ventuz Technology held a workshop at the 3D event FMX in Stuttgart.

Central topics included the handling of 3D objects in real-time environments with a special focus on the Cinema 4D live-link.

The workshop was held by Ventuz COO, Erik Beaumont, who also gave participants an overview over the software’s workflow as well as the innovations in usability that are to be expected with the next release.

This new development allows for a streamlined workflow between the two tools even over a local network. Any changes made to an object inside of the Cinema 4D interface are immediately translated into the Ventuz project, without the need to re-import the data.

The two companies translate this streamlined approach into their appearance at FMX – the Maxon workshop titled PIXAR RenderMan’s Latest Advancements: RIS & Cinema 4D is directly followed by the Ventuz workshop in the very same room.

Ventuz Technology also took the opportunity to speak about its newly established training facility Ventuz Academy and the recently founded agency Ventuz Experts.

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