World-first Barco Clickshare training centre opens in Dubai

The Barco Clickshare certified training centre at FVC in Dubai will provide classroom-style training sessions on collaboration technology to improve ROI for resellers in the Middle East.

Barco has announced its first ClickShare Certified Training Centre at FVC in Dubai. FVC is a value-added distributor that provides tangible solutions across essential areas of enterprise computing. Its Barco ClickShare certified training centre will provide customised ClickShare training sessions covering the latest systems in collaboration technology.

The accreditation programme aims to strengthen technology resellers’ relationships with their customers by offering a more in-depth understanding of the capabilities of enterprise technology systems. With the launch of the first centre now complete, Barco plans to accredit more distributors in APAC, EMEA and the US, due to widespread interest from resellers in these markets.

Distributors which sign up to become a Barco Certified ClickShare Training Centre will be able to choose from two classroom training sessions – the Barco Certified ClickShare Specialist or the Barco ClickShare Technical Expert. The Barco Certified ClickShare Specialist training is aimed at sales professionals. The Barco ClickShare Technical Expert is aimed at installation engineers.

Both certification trainings use hands-on exercises to demonstrate collaboration technology’s functionality, sales value, basic installation, management and configuration, tailored towards a broad enterprise audience. Upon completion of the training program, the trainer, trainee and company certificate are valid for two years before they must be renewed.

Eric Brouwers, vice president of MEA at Barco, said: “At Barco, we recognize that enterprise customers do not always deploy the collaborative and security functionality of technology systems such as ClickShare to their fullest potential. Often this is based on enterprise customers’ limited understanding of workplace technology, as there is only so much technical information that resellers can convey to customers without formal training in place. The Barco ClickShare Certified Training Centres, such as the one opening at FVC, will tackle this issue and benefit distributors through providing them with the tools to educate and advise customers on the latest systems and trends in enterprise technology.

“This education will not only improve customer engagement. It will reduce customers’ technical queries and boost their workplace productivity. Furthermore, the different security level options for enterprise technology systems such as ClickShare are often overlooked by companies. Our Barco certified trainers can teach customers how to achieve optimal security settings to protect their business, which is vital in the current fight against cyber attacks.”

Sanjay Ahuja, chief executive officer of FVC, said: “Barco ClickShare remains a top choice for our channel partners and customers and FVC is honoured to be recognised as an authorised ClickShare training partner for the portfolio. The appointment demonstrates our ability to provide creative solutions that suit evolving business needs, and we are confident that this new mandate will enable us to optimise the end-user experience through offering the required technical expertise.”

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