Sennheiser shows ew G4 at UAE and Kenya training events

A seminar in Dubai centred around the company’s audio for business range, while in Kenya a more technical event with detailed workshops covered all aspects of wireless audio capture.

The Middle East and Africa got its first look at the evolution wireless G4 series of wireless mic and in-ear monitoring systems at events recently conducted by Sennheiser in the United Arab Emirates and Kenya. A seminar in Dubai centred around the company’s audio for business solution range, while in Kenya the event took a more technical approach, with detailed workshops covering all aspects of wireless audio capture.

Hosted by Sennheiser’s long-standing UAE distributor Venuetech, the event in Dubai was attended by over 60 industry professionals from systems integrators and consultants. The key presentation, titled ‘Wireless Microphones for System Integration’, was delivered by Kai Tossing, portfolio manager for Sennheiser Business Solutions and outlined the digital workflows for deployment of multi-channel wireless systems in education and corporate applications. In addition to a first look at the newly launched ew G4 solutions, participants heard a live demonstration of Sennheiser’s SpeechLine Digital Wireless and Digital 6000 solutions, with all systems monitored and controlled in a live environment by Sennheiser’s new core control software Control Cockpit.

“I found the presenters and presentation material very helpful in quelling my endeavours to continually strive to be ahead of my competitors in the current market and would recommend this event to all like-minded consultants in the region” said Gerald Stewart, principal for acoustics at Inhabit Group.

Ryan Burr, head of technical sales and application engineering, system solutions at Sennheiser Middle East who led the four training sessions in Kenya, said: “The training session was organised by our partner Audio Visual Engineering who did an excellent job of promoting the event and attracting over 50 of their customers from verticals as diverse as media and broadcast, education, houses of worship and events companies, all of whom were eager to learn more about our wireless microphones, application-based theory and general best practices.”

The presentations he delivered were aimed at both new and existing users of wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems, including sound engineers, live event professionals, students, apprentices, sales people and AV technicians. Over the course of four sessions, attendees gained the knowledge and insight needed to operate multichannel wireless systems, covering acoustics and electrotechnology, wireless mics and monitoring, antenna technology, microphone technology, frequency management and wireless monitoring.

“I like Sennheiser products because of their reliability and durability. The training offered a chance to better understand their products and how best it serves my application,” said Isaac Kamau Gachwe, media officer at Ridgeways Baptist Church.

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