Casio projector transforms school hall picture quality

Working with integrator CDEC, The Coleshill School selected a Casio 4K Large Venue Series projector for its main hall and 25 Core projectors to replace lamp-based models in classrooms.

The Casio 4K Large Venue Series projector is used for educational purposes, drama and even zumba aerobics

The Coleshill School in Warwickshire in the UK has transformed its main hall with Casio’s brand new 4K Large Venue Series projector, installed by integrator CDEC.

The crystal-clear sharpness and outstanding image resolution has enhanced the learning experience for both the 1,100 pupils and teachers alike. In addition to the Large Venue Series, the school’s network manager Neil Bridson also selected 25 of Casio’s Core projectors to roll out across its classrooms and replace existing lamp-based projectors. The lamp-free element and five year warranty were both important factors when it came to the purchasing process and selection of Casio over its competitors.

Bridson said: “After reading about Casio’s industry leading low TCO, it made financial sense to make a bulk purchase and the lamp-free element really appealed as we’d only had traditional lamp-based projectors at the school previously. Now technicians no longer have to change lamps which not only means they have more time, but any additional spend on replacement bulbs is totally eliminated. Their five-year warranty has also given us total peace of mind for any servicing that might be required in the coming months and reliability that the projectors won’t encounter any technical issues during presentations.”

The install was entirely seamless from start to finish, due to CDEC’s involvement. The 4K resolution of the Large Venue Series has a huge impact on image clarity and parents were highly impressed by the visuals during a recent school production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. It is also used for fun and interactive Zumba aerobics during PE lessons, which have been a great success with students; sixth formers lead classes for the younger year group using online videos displayed in the hall.

Alex Carlton, business development manager at CDEC, said: “As a Premier Partner to Casio UK, I attended a demonstration of the new Large Venue Series to discuss how Coleshill wanted to use it for their different assemblies and events. As The Coleshill School already had a legacy solution in place, we utilised some of the existing brackets, which was important from both a cost saving and aesthetic point of view. We wanted to cause minimal disruption to staff and students, so our engineers worked around the time schedule within the hall, to make sure it was a smooth process for the school.”

The Casio Large Venue Series projector

The main assembly hall where the Large Venue Series is located is also used for mock exams. A visualiser has been plugged into the projector enabling teachers to display results and walk pupils through the answers to provide a highly immersive and engaging learning environment.

Headteacher Ian Smith-Childs said: “Casio projectors have totally transformed the way staff conduct their lessons now. The image resolution is so sharp and captures pupils’ attention from the moment the projector is turned on. Previously teachers had to wait quite a while for the projector to start up, but now there is no delay so lessons run much more efficiently.”

The school’s IT department installed Casio’s Core projectors across 25 of its classrooms. This particular model is ideal for smaller spaces due to its brightness of up to 3,000 ANSI lumens and flexibility when being refitted to existing installations.

Bridson is keen to roll out Casio’s Core projectors across all of the school’s 50 classrooms. “Due to the popularity of this projector amongst staff and its outstanding total cost of ownership, as well as environmental credentials due to the Laser & LED hybrid light source, we wouldn’t opt for anything other than Casio now,” he said.

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