NovaStar launches multi-screen video splicing processor

Featuring powerful image processing capability, the NovaStar J6 is a high-performance multi-screen video splicing processor specially developed for stage screen management.

NovaStar has launched a multi-screen video splicing processor, featuring powerful image processing capabilities, that has been specially designed for stage screen management.

The J6 has various function buttons on the front panel that simplify its operation and it comes with new smart management software, which allows a variety of splicing effects and more flexible screen layouts to fully satisfy users’ needs.

The J6 offers up to six windows and one OSD output and the windows can be arranged as the user likes. Each window supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K. The four outputs of a single J6 unit accept free splicing to meet the requirements of extra-large screens. More than 20 transition effects are supported for seamless switching between the input sources.

In splicer mode, the process of editing can be viewed on the screen and the screen layout is intuitively displayed. In switcher mode, the process of editing is not visible on the screen. The result can be viewed on a preview monitor. Final content can be displayed on screen with just one click. Users can choose these two modes as required, making the J6 more versatile.

The J6 has eight sets of independent input sources which accept 4K ultra HD input. Two of the sources can be changed to any type of input source. Output ports are backed up in pairs. Output mode can be switched between single link and dual link and the resolution can be set by the user.

Sixteen built-in templates are available for users to save multiple presets of screen layouts, which can be switched between one another as scheduled.

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