Lighting the Fire and Ice Club in Zambia’s copperbelt

The Fire & Ice Night Club in Ndola, Zambia has been kitted out with 28 Anolis lighting fixtures to influence the mood and atmosphere of the venue in the African country’s copperbelt region.

Entrepreneur Siddharth Patel wanted his new Fire & Ice Night Club in the heart of Ndola, Zambia’s third largest city located in the thriving copperbelt region to be cutting edge in technology and aesthetics, so he approached Johannesburg-based lighting sales and installation specialist DWR for ideas and solutions.

DWR project manager JP Vernon conducted a site visit, chatted extensively with the client and produced some concepts which they discussed, including the installation of Anolis Arc Source 4 MC luminaires to provide mood lighting.

This was the plan he chose. The 28 x ArcSource 4  MCs – known for their smooth and seamless colour mixing and homogenised single point source output – are installed above the bar, DJ booth and VIP area at the back of the space. They function as striking down-lighters and enhance the ambience of the lively 200-capacity venue.

The bar is geared to attracting a dynamic community of guests living and working in the city which is also Zambia’s commercial capital and is currently enjoying an economic boom generated by the buoyancy of the copper mining industries. Zambia is the second largest copper producer in Africa and the seventh largest in the world.

The Fire & Ice Night Club occupies the site of a former News Café franchise outlet. The property has been gutted and restyled with contemporary, chic décor, with the Anolis colour changing lighting scheme at the heart of it.

This is the first Anolis installation in Zambia and right now the Fire & Ice Bar is enjoying the novelty of being a unique concept in Ndola, and arguably also among the first bars in the country with a lighting scheme at the heart of the installation.

The client is tuned in to how lighting can affect the mood and atmosphere which is so essential to attracting a good and loyal audience to a bar, and making the venture a success. He also realised the benefits of investing in premium products.

“It was really interesting working with Siddarth. He wanted this to be a standout destination, and while he could have chosen other options for less money, he chose excellent products for reliability and longevity, together with a control that could be easily operated by bar managers, and didn’t need a technician on site to turn it on and off.”

DWR has used Anolis products for numerous high profile installations in the last two years – including extensively in the Mall of Africa and the soon-to-open PwC Tower, both in Waterfall City, Midrand, and to illuminate the tropical gardens of the Cascades Hotel in Sun City.

“The kit is durable and tough as well as looking great!” said Vernon, “and for a scenario like this, a relatively cosy space, 28 fixtures can really transform the whole room.”

In addition to the Anolis fixtures, DWR also supplied LED strips in the roof and along the bar and LED video panels to clad the front of the bar. Control is via a Nicolaudie NICSTICK-DE3.

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