Avocor touchscreen enhances building visualisations

The Designer Group has developed the first Electronic Visualisation Lab of its kind in Ireland, bringing an Avocor interactive display together with CAD, BIM and VR software applications.

The Designer Group is a mechanical and engineering contractor which works with some of the largest multinational organisations in the world. With offices in the UK, Ireland, Europe and most recently the US, the company was looking for a way to facilitate collaboration between employees, suppliers and clients.

The Designer Group has advocated Building Information Modelling (BIM) since 2010, recognising its benefits to business productivity and efficiency. BIM enables the Designer Group to explore, design, analyse and optimally sequence projects, releasing the opportunity to prefabricate building elements in a safe and controlled environment.

As part of the organisation’s initiative to remain innovative and listen to changing customer requirements, Joseph Mady, BIM/CAD manager at the Designer Group, started to look for creative solutions to improve cross-department collaboration across the business.

“I wanted a way to ensure collaboration throughout the company, streamlining communication and making Designer Group more efficient and effective as a result,” said Mady. “A number of our projects involve reworking of digital models and we were looking to create an immersive environment that facilitated a more agile and collaborative way of working.”

Mady and his team conceptualised the Electronic Visualisation Lab (EVL), a digital collaboration area that is the first of its kind in Ireland. The lab enables the Designer Group to build projects virtually, allowing it to present concepts to clients to gain buy-in and sign off.

“Clients have become more educated on BIM and really understand how the technology can add value, not only to the construction but to the full life cycle of the building.”

The EVL enables staff, external consultants and clients to step inside the design and experience the result at a much earlier stage of the overall process, leading to improvements in project completion timelines and deeper project engagement overall.

The EVL brings together Avocor interactive displays with leading manufacturers in the CAD, BIM and Virtual Reality (VR) space such as Bluebeam and Autodesk.

“We knew that we wanted to have an interactive display solution within the EVL,” said Mady, “and we wanted the solution to meet the needs of our business. Avocor did just that. One of the key things we loved about the display was the 4K screen resolution. We use Bluebeam collaboration software to drive our projects and the Avocor display worked perfectly with the software, really making the content on the screen stand out.”

One of the key benefits of the Avocor display is its interoperability, enabling users to switch seamlessly between applications, something which was vital for the Designer Group which works with multiple software platforms.

“The touch capability of the Avocor display is really helping to enhance collaboration, increase engagement and ultimately improve overall productivity here at Designer Group. Users are enjoying the fact that they can easily mark up drawings and annotations are clear and precise. Teams can review changes in realtime which reduces installation errors and speeds up project sign-off which is fantastic.”

“What we have achieved here at Designer Group with the Electronic Virtualisation Lab is an environment that several of our contractors are now looking to deploy within their own businesses as we move towards this approach being adopted as the standard across our industry. The Avocor display is a fundamental part of the solution, enhancing the user experience and bringing our software to life.”

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