Televic Conference’s new North American division

Belgium-based Televic Conference has launched a dedicated international office in the US, its third overseas office after China and France.

Televic’s third international office after China and France, will support the growing domestic market needs and will be led by sales manager, Peter Papageorge, who will work in tandem with the distribution partners AVEO Systems (US) and DataVisual (Canada).

Papageorge – who has more than 20 years of AV sales management experience and has led the Televic conferencing business through a former distributor – will be supported by Sean Murtha as product specialist.

Bart Deschodt, Televic Conference General Manager, believes the new US office is the next step in achieving the company’s goal to expand its presence and market share in North America.

Televic Group ceo, Thomas Verstraeten, says: “Our commitment to innovation, which we showcased again at ISE 2018, puts us in the perfect position to supply demanding customers in the US with total conference solutions.”

Televic Conference is part of the Televic Group which already has a presence in the US in Sacramento, CA through its Televic Rail division. Both divisions will share a common back office to leverage their growth in the US market. This will lead to a presence of Televic in Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; and Sacramento, CA.

Additional plans will continue to roll out through 2019 for product and technical support throughout North America.

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