Northamber to bring JBL to classrooms and meeting rooms

The distributor has signed an agreement with Harman Consumer UK and is promoting Control One and BAR Series speakers as enhancements of the classroom experience.

UK distributor Northamber has signed a distribution agreement with audio expert JBL. The agreement will see Northamber promote the heritage audio brand into its core target markets of classrooms and meeting rooms.

Phil Gaut, director of AV at Northamber, said: “Within the JBL range there are some core products that can significantly enhance the classroom experience. ‘Control One’ speakers bring a studio quality sound to classroom and the ‘BAR Series’ speakers are a perfect addition to any classroom display.”

Reece Cummings, head of sales at Harman Consumer UK, said: “We are very excited to be working with Northamber to bring a portfolio of JBL audio to the education market. We have a long history of delivering audio excellence to a wide array of audiences, from music venues to in-car entertainment, cinema sound to immersive home listening, and we believe that with this partnership we can help to add real value to the education environment.”

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