Advanced KVM solutions ‘hit pricing sweet spot’

Austrian company kvm-tec offers cost-effective high intensity network solutions and 4K KVM solutions for the broadcast and installation markets, according to new distributor Argosy.

Argosy has signed a distribution agreement with Austrian manufacturer kvm-tec to offer its products in the UK, Ireland and Middle East. The supplier of broadcast cables and infrastructure products introduced the new range to the market at smart building trade show Essential Install Live! from 9-10 May at Sandown Park in Surrey in the UK.

KVM – keyboard, video and mouse – solutions allow installers to put workstations where they are needed, while keeping the computers themselves in a machine room. The network abilities of kvm-tec’s product range mean that users can quickly switch between multiple services running on multiple computers, using a simple on-screen menu or shortcuts to provide instant connections and low latency operation.

The kvm-tec UVX 4K range can network over fibre or copper infrastructures, making for very simple installation. For high resolution systems, it readily supports 4K video, allowing system designers to specify large screens wherever they are needed, linking back to the hardware in the machine room.

“Broadcast, AV and smart building solutions today depend upon large numbers of computers to provide functionality and monitoring,” said Chris Smeeton, managing director of Argosy. “If operational areas are not going to be dominated by screens – and desks littered with keyboards and mice – then KVM switching is the only practical solution.

“We already offer a number of KVM solutions, but we are very excited by this new arrangement with kvm-tec,” Smeeton added. “The technology is very advanced, the build quality and reliability is sound, and the pricing hits what we believe is a very sweet spot for the market. We are delighted to be able to bring these products to some of our key markets, in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.”

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