AV Awards 2011 winner: Oscars win helps build brand exposure

Pro Display will use its AV Awards 2011 win to help build its brand exposure in the UK.
The screen technology specialist, which won the Live event of the year category for its work at the Oscars ceremony, exports screen technology to 150 countries, but says it has had ‘limited recognition’ in the UK.

“Winning an AV award will really benefit our sales efforts in the UK and Europe, showing our customers our products are worthy of such acclaim,” says accounts director Judith Beswick.

“Pro Display has been involved in some of the worlds most high profile installations, but  winning an award has brought the company name to the forefront of the domestic market and companies here can now be aware of the products and technologies we manufacture.”

This year’s Academy Awards went 3D, using staging designed to create large-scale transparent 3D images that would display film footage as though it was floating on glass. The awards also used a special screen to make it look at though movie icon Bob Hope was presenting an award.

The highly innovative set used 36 custom-made Clearview panels mounted into a moveable rig to form travelling screens (rather than the conventional static set used in the past) and a circular screen made to create the ‘Bob Hope’ podium display.

Pro Display worked with the Academy Awards team to test its Clearview projection materials (first in a meeting, then on a full-blown sound stage) and eventually produced the Clearview film projection layers – which allow light transmission of 92 per cent and a 120degree viewing angle – then laminating the material onto 12mm thick optically clear acrylic panels for mounting on the set.

The finished screens were ‘flown’ at the centre of the set’s main archway and images were projected using water-cooled projects with content delivered from 34 GreenHippo media servers and Hippotizers programmed with 53 discrete outputs, all controlled via a grandMA lighting console.

‘The sheer logistics involved in this moving, holographic event,  plus the masterfully timed and staged content make this live event an awards winner. And there was such a critical audience to impress!’ said the judges.

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