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A sound system inspired by the spirit of Ibiza

The Lost Beach Club in Ecuador is rated by DJ Magazine as one of the world’s best beach clubs, thanks to its owner’s Ibiza-inspired vision and an updated Funktion-One sound system.

When Kami Tadayon founded Lost Beach Club in 2012, he was driven by a singular vision: to create a club that would garner international acclaim, which is driven by top-name DJs and the very best in Funktion-One sound.

It was an ambitious project, made more so by his choice of location: the small surfers’ town of Montanita in Ecuador – a two-hour drive from the nearest city. But, defying doubters, Tadayon’s dream quickly became reality.

“Lost Beach is unique,” he said. “You’re under the stars, on the beachfront, in a town of 1,000 residents, and you have this superclub, with the best sound system in the world and some of the best DJs in the world coming to play every weekend. There’s nothing like this anywhere in Ecuador – or even Peru and Columbia.”

Far from being a hindrance, the club’s remote setting has fuelled a reputation for being among the best beach club experiences on the planet, and ensured that those who do make the journey arrive with a real passion to party. At Tadayon’s insistence, Lost Beach Club has, from its inception, featured a Funktion-One sound system at its heart. And he recently ramped things up a notch with the addition of Funktion-One Evo 7 and Evo 6 enclosures.

It was back in 2003 that Kami first found and fell for the Funktion-One sound. Relocating to Ibiza for two years, he embraced the island’s superclub scene, witnessing from within the incredible sound systems installed at venues like Space and Privilege.

“Space Ibiza was a big inspiration for me,” Tadayon said. “I studied and investigated the place thoroughly and swore to myself that one day I would start a club and take it to the same level.”

On the way to realising that ambition, Kami established a series club nights branded the Global Unity Movement, based out of his adopted home of Ecuador. To ensure the best possible sound quality, he turned to Funktion-One expert Blue Box, owned by Mark Metcalf, the man credited with introducing the loudspeaker manufacturer into Ibiza.

An initial itinerary comprising 10 Resolution 2s and eight F218s (split in to two systems), was soon augmented by a further six Resolution 2s and four F215s. And when Tadayon selected Montanita as the location for Lost Beach Club – and spiritual home for the Global Unity Movement – this same system provided the starting point for the venue’s audio.

In 2014, a change in Ecuadorian law led to restrictions on the opening hours of outdoor clubs. This provided the impetus for the club’s next evolution – an indoor ‘Cave’ space, fitted with a carefully designed Funktion-One system from Metcalf and the Blue Box team. They installed a pair of DS4 Dance Stacks with EVO 6SH skeletal speakers and F218 dual 18in bass enclosures for the mezzanine area.

In 2017, Lost Beach Club’s audio provision evolved again with the addition of the Evo 7 and Evo 6 systems. The Evo 7s have taken the place of the Res 2s in the Lost Beach terrace while the Evo 6s provide updated sound for the large VIP area behind the DJ.

The full Lost Beach system supplied by Blue Box now comprises: six Evo 7E, six Evo 6E, 10 F221, two E100 amps, two E60 amps, two E25 amps and two XO4A audio management systems. Combined with Tadayon’s vision, it has secured the venue’s position and with it has come recognition as one of DJ Mag’s top seven beach clubs of the world.

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