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A training triumph for AV Academy

Yesterday the AV team was at the Royal College of Physicians for the first day of AV Academy’s ‘What is Sound?’ foundation course. During the packed day of training delegates learnt about topics such as microphone, audio networking, cabling, standards, signal processing, equalisers and mixing consoles.

AV Magazine has teamed up with the audio experts at RH Consulting to bring you the comprehensive InfoComm CTS RU (Renewal Units) approved training course, aimed at both the AV channel and AV end-user working in the professional audio visual, IT and event markets.

Today, delegates are enjoying a second day of audio-focused sessions, learning about amplifiers, loudspeakers and audio networking. We hope you all find the foundation course an enjoyable and useful experience. By attending AV Academy delegates will earn up to 40 CTS Renewal Units (RU) towards the 30 RUs-in-three-years requirement by InfoComm International to renew your Certified Technology Specialist credential.

In between the training sessions our event partners were on hand to demonstrate a range of products. Thanks to DiGiCo, Powersoft, Audio-Technica, Williams Sound, Sennheiser, Bose Professional, Midwich, Revolabs, Biamp Systems, AV User Group, InfoComm, Howtoav.tv and the ISCE for your support.

Roland Hemming, principal audio consultant, RH Consulting and one of the course leaders, has noticed that technical professionals have almost no opportunity to expand their skills. “This course is unique in that it is not a product driven seminar,” he says. “It takes a systems based approach, looking at what you are trying to achieve and giving you the understanding to then specify and use the right product in that situation.”

David Satenstein, senior audio visual technician at Museum of London and one of our AV Academy delegates, found the first day of training to be beneficial for his team: “The course is important as it gets everyone to a particular standard and talking the same language. The content was well thought out, the presenters were great and I was impressed by the venue.”

There’s still time left to sign up to attend one of AV Academy’s application specific training days. If you want to improve your skills in specifying audio in corporate (16 March), education (6 April)  or high performance (13 April) environments then head over to www.avacademy.co.uk for more info and to book.

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