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AudioForum celebrates its 12th edition at ISE 2018 with focus on the ‘hot topic’ of audio networking in all its forms

The full-day event is organised by Conessioni in co-operation with the Audio Engineering Society (AES), supported by ISE, with special guests including Genelec and the Avnu Alliance.

AudioForum is returning to ISE for its 12th edition, with an “old and new” topic: audio networking from digital audio protocols to audio over IP.

AudioForum@ISE2018 is a full-day event organised by Connessioni in co-operation with the Audio Engineering Society (AES), supported by ISE and the Avnu Alliance. It has the patronage of the System Integration Experience Community (SIEC) and is sponsored by Genelec Oy.

It will take place on Monday 5 February on the eve of ISE, at RAI Amsterdam from 10.00 to 16.00 in a new location, room L103/104. Special guests include Genelec and the Avnu Alliance.

AudioForum was created in 2013 to provide a continuous technical and market update on the most important audio topics from one year to the next but always with a wide perspective: audio in integrated projects needs to consider integration with other technologies, installation problems, rules, durability, design needs… For this reason, AudioForum bridges pro audio and systems integration.

AudioForum is an educational event that condenses seminars, workshops, updating, networking and conviviality into one day. It is dedicated to consultants, sound designers, system integrators, installers, companies and in general to professionals interested in knowing more about the latest audio and integrated technologies.

It is a unique opportunity for broadening knowledge, but also for developing new contacts and sharing experience and ideas, with colleagues, peers and companies.

The topic for the 2018 edition, digital audio, has always been a “hot topic”, and digital audio transportation has become more and more important as long as complexity and integration needs have been growing in audio design. AudioForum@ISE2018 will be dedicated to audio networking, from digital audio protocols to audio over IP. It won’t be about a single protocol but about digital audio networking: why and how the industry started using those techniques, their development until nowadays, their interoperability…

Dedicated sessions covering the most popular protocols for digital audio transportation (Dante, AVB, AES 67, Ravenna…) will be proposed. The aim of the day is to offer a wide and objective overview of transportation topics and issues, and available protocols and network solutions.

After the seminars, there will be open table discussions with the speakers; each table will be dedicated to a different topic, and delegates can move to a different table every 20 minutes

The speakers will be renowned consultants and designers, many of them already present during past editions: Umberto Zanghieri, a consultant specialising in DSP development and digital audio; Ruud Kaltofen, a DSP system designer at Event Acoustics and president of the AES Dutch section; Jeff Berryman, AES life member and senior scientist at Bosch Communications Systems USA;  and Donato Masci, acoustic designer at Studio Sound Service. New voices will include Thomas Lund, senior technologist at Genelec and Henning Kaltheuner, of the Avnu Alliance and head of market intelligence and strategic business development at d&b audiotechnik.

An international event in its 12th edition, AudioForum was previously organised in Milan, Amsterdam, Mumbai and Beijing, in co-operation with the main international AV shows and associations – ISE, InfoComm China, InfoComm India, SIEC etc. AudioForum has been gathering over 1,500 attendees, and has had the support of some of the main brands in the audio market (including Bose, Powersoft, RCF, Biamp, 18 Sound, K-array, Yamaha etc.)

AudioForum@ISE is organized by Connessioni in cooperation with AES – Audio Engineering Society, and with the support of ISE – Integrated Systems Europe and AVnu Alliance. It has the patronage of the SIEC association – System Integration Experience Community. The event is also sponsored by Genelec Oy.

Further details and a full program are available at: audioforum.connessioni.biz.

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