Another training coup for the AV Academy

We hope you all found the two-day foundation course an enjoyable and useful experience. Yesterday, Morgan Stanley hosted the third of AV Magazine’s AV Academy training sessions focused this time on the first of our application-specific themes – corporate AV – at its impressive HQ in Cabot Square, Canary Wharf.

The audio experts at RH Consulting – Roland Hemming and Richard Northwood – did a thorough job of digging into the bowels of capturing client requirements, equipment positioning, loudspeaker design and a range of practical exercises putting theory into practice. All was well received with huge enthusiasm by delegates who looked remarkably chipper even after their early start and late finish.

We also had an exclusive presentation by Sennheiser of Team Connect Wireless, its new wireless conferencing solution, just on the market that day and which we’ll be reviewing in a future issue of AV Magazine. Delegates were also given an exclusive tour of Morgan Stanley’s impressive auditorium/training areas which will only be available to the company’s clients and staff when unveiled fully in April, so many thanks to Owen Ellis and his team for allowing us in.

By attending AV Academy delegates will earn up to 40 CTS Renewal Units (RU) towards the 30 RUs-in-three-years requirement by InfoComm International to renew your Certified Technology Specialist credential. Remember this is a comprehensive InfoComm CTS RU (Renewal Units)-approved training course, aimed at both the AV channel and AV end-user working in the professional audio visual, IT and event markets.

In between the training sessions our event partners were on hand to demonstrate a range of products. Thanks to DiGiCo, Powersoft, Sennheiser, Midwich and Biamp Systems for your support.

There’s still time left to sign up to attend another AV Academy training day. If you want to improve your skills in specifying audio in education (6 April)  or high performance (13 April) environments then head over to for more info and to book.

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