3D audio-opera: Sydney Opera House

Korngold’s opera has been using Iosono’s 3D sound for Die tote Stadt which has just had its premier at the Sydney Opera House. This elaborate production by Opera Australia is breaking new ground as the orchestra’s music is streamed live to the Opera Theatre.

While the musicians are playing live in the neighbouring studio, cinematic surround sounds fill the theatre bringing the performance to the audience and singers.

The 3D sound creates a unique acoustical reproduction of the physically absent orchestra by building an acoustical hologram of the orchestra in the concert hall itself. This creates a fascinating interplay between the live performance and the streamed orchestra in 3D sound.

Says sound designer for the project, and head of recording and broadcast for Sydney Opera House, Tony David Cray: “The localisation of every single instrument is stable throughout the theatre.”

To bring the musicians to the opera stage virtually and achieve a proper reconstruction of the orchestral body, Iosono is using its audio processor and d&b loudspeakers installed in the Opera Theatre.

After being audio-streamed to the venue, the orchestra sound unfolds three-dimensionally for each listener. Over a dozen effect speakers have also been placed throughout the Opera Theatre to further enhance the room acoustics and produce unique spatial sound effects offstage.

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