Barco launches 4K digital post-production projector

Barco launches 4K digital post-production projector

Barco DP4KP 4k digital projector

February 28
08:05 2013

Barco has introduced its first 4K projector dedicated to post-production, archiving, restoration and 4K colour grading. Featuring a greatly expanded colour gamut, higher contrast and colour uniformity in comparison with standard digital cinema projectors, the DP4K-P is specifically designed to meet the demands of the post-production industry.

A feature specifically created for the post-production community is the dedicated Communicator software, which provides greater control over the colour space, enables colour correction per eye for 3D content, and offers powerful input analysis.

The DP4K-P comes with a dedicated 4K (4 x 3Gb/s) input board, which enables playback of native 4K content.

Its colour filter creates a wide gamut, considerably wider than the current DCI/SMPTE recommended colour space, to accurately match colours to any colour gamut.

The dedicated Communicator software has been revamped in co-operation with Barco’s long-term partners in the industry. The overall look and feel of the interface has been adapted to the dark environment in which it is used. The dedicated software also offers increased control over the colour space and enables colour correction per eye for 3D content.

On Tuesday 19 March, Barco is organising free demos of the new dedicated Communicator software for postproduction. You can register for one of the sessions via these links:


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