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AV: The Brand

8.5 million AV professionals across the globe engage with AV Magazine

In an industry as diverse and fast-moving as AV, keeping up with new developments is a challenge. AV Magazine’s core objective has remained the same for 43 years; to meet the needs of our readers and advertisers.

AV Magazine’s editorial mission is uncompromising – to deliver authoritative content with integrity; that will strategically transform businesses across the globe and address the issues that shape this innovative industry.

AV does not ghettoise a technology.  We put it into a business context and look at what a particular vertical market needs. We are the buyer’s guide that helps educate the market for the vendors, and supports specifiers with their buying decisions.

AV Magazine acts as the bridge between the channel and the end-user, and our mission remains the same 43 years on – to educate, inform and inspire.

  • AV Magazine is the only industry publication with an ABC certificate, which means our circulation is independently verified; the only way to guarantee your advertising is reaching a targeted audience
  • 37% of our readers only read AV Magazine
  • 82% of our readers have purchasing power
  • 60% of our readers rely on AV Magazine to  make purchasing decisions
  • AV Magazine is the only publication to be seen and engage with customers on all platforms

If you would like to find out how the AV brand can help you engage with your potential customers, please contact Rachael Hamilton or your account manager for the Media Information for 2016.

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